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Jobline: Volunteer Writers / Storytellers, Farmwork to Feed Canada

Passionate about food and concerned about Canada's food supply and food security? We are seeking volunteer writers / storytellers to work virtually to help us get the word out. Great opportunity for students or new grads!

Farmwork to Feed Canada (F2FC) ( is a volunteer effort by Canadian communications, public relations and marketing professionals, including recent graduates in communications and public relations.

We are committed to national service through collaboration with Canadian farmers and the agri-business sector to address COVID-19 pandemic-related challenges to Canada’s food supply. As skilled and experienced communicators, we offer farmers, farm groups, and the food industry expert communications support and a forum for the exchange of information and ideas to engage and inform Canadians on key issues related to Canada’s food supply and food security, including farm labour.

Through this initiative, we are also assisting junior communicators, who missed out on intern positions as a result of the pandemic, to gain real-world experience, expand their portfolios with published articles and bylines, and benefit from working with and learning from seasoned communications and journalism professionals who are willing to act as mentors and references.

Farmwork to Feed Canada Goals

  1. Grow a national network of communications volunteers who collaborate with the agriculture, agri-business sector and government.

  2. Foster greater public awareness, understanding, and support for agriculture and agri-business through interactive channels that provide a forum to inform and engage and educate Canadians on COVID-19 pandemic-related issues.

  3. Support stakeholder efforts to increase the numbers of essential, skilled workers on farms and agri-food businesses.

Opportunity - Volunteer Writers / Storytellers

Farmwork to Feed Canada is current seeking a number of writers (student, new graduates and seasoned professionals) to volunteer as members of our ‘news team' that is made up of communications professionals from across Canada.

Team members identify trending news, and research and write stories for the Farmwork to Feed Canada blog at, and its social sites as well as for agriculture and agri-food trade publications and our partners. Members of this team also have opportunities to write news releases, conduct interviews, and develop media pitches.

Candidates should have excellent writing skills, possess an understanding of communications planning and the importance of aligning content with the achievement of communications objectives, as well as best practices to engage audiences on social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. Familiarity with newsgathering platforms, WordPress, Google Analytics, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Teams is helpful. Bilingualism would be an asset.

For more information or to volunteer, please visit our website at: or send your resume and a covering note via email to:

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