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Jobline: Various Positions, Farmwork to Feed Canada

COVID-19 and Communicators – Opportunities for New Grads and Seasoned Professionals

The ongoing pandemic has resulted in many challenges to Canada’s food supply. In response, Farmwork to Feed Canada (F2FC) was formed last year by Canadian public relations, communications and marketing professionals. The goal was to provide much-needed communications support on a volunteer basis to farmers, agricultural and fishery organizations, the agri-business sector, restaurants and the food industry to help inform Canadians about key pandemic-related challenges to our food supply and security.

Through this initiative, Farmwork to Feed Canada is also assisting communications students and new graduates, who missed out on intern positions as a result of the pandemic, to gain real-world experience, expand their portfolios, and benefit from working with seasoned professionals who are willing to act as mentors and references.

Farmwork to Feed Canada is clearly addressing a need and providing valuable social benefits as evidenced by the variety of topics covered by our storytellers, the experience gained by our volunteers, and the important partnerships that have been forged with industry organizations.

Current Openings

Farmwork to Feed Canada is continually growing and is currently seeking volunteers for the following positions to assist us in our efforts. We are particularly in need of experienced communications professionals who can coach or mentor our junior writers.

  • Writers / Storytellers

  • Coaches / Mentors for Junior Writers

  • Digital Media Specialists

  • Web Infrastructure Co-Lead

  • Digital Team Lead

  • Graphic Designers

  • Volunteer Coordinator with HR and Communications Background

Opportunities are posted regularly under Volunteer Opportunities on our website and on Charity Village. (Search for Farmwork to Feed Canada under Volunteer Positions.) For more information or to volunteer, please send your resume and a covering note via email to:

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