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Jobline: Corporate Communications Officer, Municipality of Cumberland

The Corporate Communications Officer is responsible for developing and implementing communications strategies, policies, plans, and actions that will result in informed and engaged citizens, council, staff, and media.

This position is also responsible for developing and implementing citizen and community engagement plans and programs for the Municipality of the County of Cumberland to ensure participative decision making, informed citizens and communities, and create engagement as part of the Municipality’s culture. This position also provides research support to the Municipality to enhance the decision-making of the Council, the Chief Administrative Officer, and the senior management team.

Please visit our website at for a detailed position description and pay scale.

The position competition closes Monday, June 6, 2022, at 2:00 pm.

Please forward your resumes to:

Municipality of the County of Cumberland

Kellie Seaman, Human Resources Generalist & Safety Advisor

1395 Blair Lake Rd

Upper Nappan NS B4H 3Y4

*Clearly mark your resume “Corporate Communications Officer”

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