Elizabeth Sutcliffe, Director of Events


Elizabeth’s path to a communications career is strengthened by her background in the arts. Drawing on expertise in film and video production, arts administration, and culinary arts, Elizabeth is as adept at creating an impromptu five-star meal as she is at engaging audiences, planning exciting events, and leading integrated marketing campaigns.


Elizabeth holds diplomas in screen arts and public relations from the Nova Scotia Community College, a Nutritional Consultant Certificate from Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, and a Chef Training Certificate from the National Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in New York. She is Communications Advisor at Doctors Nova Scotia.


Her main passion is building brand credibility by creating compelling content, telling evocative stories, and advocating for diversity and inclusion. She is thrilled to be serving as Director of Events with this year’s IABC Maritime board, as well as serving on the Easter Seals Board for 2020-22.

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