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Three New Year’s Resolutions of a Learning Millennial


It’s that time of the year again – the clock struck midnight and everyone quietly made their resolutions with a head fuzzy from champagne.

Every year I am among these people trying to decide on a personal resolution, whether it is being more active, not doing my laundry when I’m wearing my last clean t-shirt, and trying – TRYING – to wash my dishes right after I finish cooking.

This year, I want to take a different approach. Instead of strictly personal undertakings, I’ve decided to create three mini-resolutions that I believe will help me grow as a professional:

Resolution 1: Creating a work life balance

I love what I do. I love it so much, that sometimes I find myself checking my cellphone for client emails at 11PM at night. I love it so much, that it isn’t unusual for me to come in to work on my days off “just to finish a couple of things.” Unfortunately, these habits are not always healthy and more often than not lead to anxiety, stress, and burn out.

This goal does not mean that I value my work any less, but is quite the opposite. This year I want to work harder to take care of myself. I will only check my phone once in the evening, not five times. I want to focus on my family, my friends, and those who support me – including myself! This goal does not mean that I value my work any less. It means that I want to give my job the best me they can have.

Resolution 2: Be efficient AND effective

I like to work fast. Nothing is more thrilling to me than running with metaphorical scissors and helping bring an idea to life. While nothing quite lights a fire in my belly to help create powerful content, designs, or campaigns like moving at lightspeed, it can also lead to a page of errors.

I can work efficiently, but those errors or mistakes that could have solved with a careful second pass cause the loss of effectiveness. This year, I am going to work to keep that speed but know when to pump the breaks so I deliver products that are 100% complete – not 90%.

Resolution 3: Write six blogs before 2019

As a copywriter and content creator, my life very much revolves around the written word. That being said, as much as I want to write until my fingers are numb, it can be hard to sit down when you get home from the office as life’s other responsibilities call. When you love something though, you make time for it.

This year, I want to write at least six blogs to help flex my muscles as a content creator and explore the writing world. I want to write about my professional, my loses, my wins, and I want to read about yours.

The best part about every new year is that we step into January with a blank notebook for the months ahead. I can’t wait to begin filling every page with experiences, milestones, laughs, and challenges. I hope you will join me – and share your stories too!

If you’ve got a few mini-resolutions of your own (or any helpful advice on how I can achieve mine), let me know by commenting below!


About the Author

Stephen Andrews is a Halifax-based copywriter, marketer, and business communicator currently serving as the IABC Maritime’s Webmaster and Director of Administration for 2017 – 2018. He has been a member since 2016.

To see more of Stephen’s work, visit

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