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Personal Branding: Part I – Networking & Social

You’re invited! Join IABC Maritime Canada for our kick-off event, Personal Branding: Part I – Networking & Social. This will serve as part one of our personal branding series, to help you better establish your voice, and build your brand.

Brush up on your networking abilities, and learn more about a skill you’ll use all year long. You’ll also learn how to use your social profiles to amplify your personal brand and foster the relationships you’ve made connecting whether it be at an event, or online.

Guest speakers will include award-winning Event Management and Networking Expert and founder of Leading Ladies Network, Menna Riley and Senior Director Marketing & Brand Strategy at NATIONAL, Tara Wickwire.

Participants will leave this session with:

– The tools to define your personal brand

– Strategies for networking with confidence

– Knowledge of channel-specific best practices for building your brand on social media

Just like with anything in life, practice makes perfect. We invite you to stick around after the event and begin to practice your new networking best practices during sociable time! Light snacks will be available.

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