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5 Rules to Pitch Perfect Presentations Online

As communicators, we are fairly savvy with tech tools that help us communicate, and we have become more so during the past year. However, I have noticed that we may need a reminder about a few things when preparing ourselves or our leadership to speak or present online.

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Here are a few of my observations from watching many online conferences and events this past year:

  • Background matters: If you are using a platform like Zoom, be wary of the digital background you choose. I watched a whole international broadcast of a man speaking with a digital background and the top third of his head went missing in the background for most of the webinar, so it looked like he had a hairpiece and then went bald.

  • Simple is better: Style your background in a simple manner and check to make sure it is camera-friendly and not too busy or distracting. You will want to see where your head is positioned in the background so that it does not look like you have a plant growing out of your ears.

  • Watch your habits: Many of us have habits we do when we speak. Online, these can seem pronounced. In your practice sessions, record yourself. Watch for word fillers like ‘um’ or body movements that can be distracting. Also, watch your facial expressions – especially if you get questions.

  • Quality of your voice: I believe that voice quality online and in person can impact a presentation. Before your presentation, have a coffee or hot water with lemon to relax your vocal cords and help the quality of your voice.

  • Know the tech: If you haven’t fully learned the program you are using, have a colleague co-host to help if things go awry. If you are presenting or speaking and hosting, don’t do it all yourself. It takes a team just like a live event does. You should also have someone monitoring the chat and Q&As.


Tanya Taylor White is a Past President of IABC Maritimes and is the Communications Director for the Nova Scotia Association of REALTORS®

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