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Meet the Board: Dayna Park

Dayna Park is the Executive Vice President of the IABC Maritime board this year. She is a dedicated and collaborative communicator with local, national, and international experience in healthcare communications and marketing.

After spending several years working in one of Canada’s largest full-service communications agencies, Dayna recently made a shift to the non-profit sector to join the Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation’s (DMRF) communications and marketing team where she works closely with the donor relations, philanthropy, and executive leadership teams to grow the DMRF brand.

What inspired you to get involved with IABC?

Relationship building is so important in the communications industry and is important to me personally as well. We have an incredible pool of brilliant and talented communicators here in the Maritimes, and IABC provides the opportunity to network with some of the best and brightest in our region and beyond.

What’s your favourite part of your work?

It sounds trite but I love working in communications because no day is ever the same! There is such a great variety of projects and opportunities that it’s impossible to be bored. I’m constantly learning to stay up to date on industry trends.

As for working in healthcare communications at the Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation, I love that the work I do is having a positive impact on real people. Having the opportunity to collaborate with my brilliant colleagues to tell incredible stories of the health research happening right here in the Maritimes is amazing and I’m so grateful.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

When I’m not working, you can find me hanging out with my dog, Cooper, and planning a trip (for post-COVID-19 of course) while drinking way too much coffee.

What's something you geek out about?

I’ve become a bit of a plant nerd, especially since I’m spending so much time at home! I have dozens of houseplants that I’m slowly but surely learning how to take care of, and it’s actually been quite therapeutic to nurture them and watch them grow!

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

The most adventurous thing I’ve ever done was move to South Korea when I finished school. I spent a few years teaching English to kids and travelling around Asia, which was incredible. I had the opportunity to visit amazing places and meet some truly wonderful people who I still keep in touch with today.


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