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Meet the Board: Madeline Postle

IABC Maritime is led by President and Chair Madeline Postle this year. A Consultant at NATIONAL Public Relations, Madeline is well known for her deliberate, resourceful, and strategic approach to any project. Respected for bringing clarity to the complex, she brings teams around a table and creates cohesion and synergy from the onset of any collaborative effort. For this reason, she is frequently sought out to build insightful campaigns and execute with a flawless attention to detail for local, national, and international clients.

Madeline continues to build a culture of communications excellence in the region through her involvement with IABC Maritime, where she has led efforts to build the profile of the chapter and provide members with valuable professional development opportunities.

We caught up with Madeline to learn more about her work, interests and involvement with IABC.

What inspired you to get involved with IABC?

Initially I joined IABC while studying PR to network and stay up to date on communications best practices. When I decided to make the move from Edmonton to Halifax though, IABC became a way to dive into a new job market, meet other professionals in the community, and continue to grow in my career.

Now, I’m inspired every day by the creative, bold leadership I see in my fellow board members who are tackling important conversations for our industry and beyond, demonstrating the value of our profession.

What’s your favourite part of your work?

As a Consultant at NATIONAL Public Relations, I have a few favourite things:

  1. My brilliant colleagues. We have an incredibly collaborative culture and I firmly believe that the best way to improve yourself is by levelling up to the people around you. My teammates certainly make that possible.

  2. The work. At NATIONAL, we like to say that we have the privilege of being at the centre of things that truly matter to our region – and we do. Supporting in economic development, providing counsel for how to respond to a worldwide pandemic, and building brands that are memorable and meaningful – every day is different with new and exciting challenges.

  3. Our clients. We work hard to cultivate trust with our clients, and in doing that we have the opportunity to try new things and push brands in exciting ways through integrated campaigns and activations. I love supporting our clients to work towards their business goals and see them shine within their own organizations.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

When I’m not working you’ll either find me at the barn with horses or hiking with my dog. After spending the workday in front of a screen, I find the time unplugged and outside is the best way to recharge.

What's something you geek out about?

I’m fascinated with the study of ancient civilizations. It’s incredible to me what our ancestors built and created thousands of years ago. I can, and have, gotten lost in museums for hours soaking it all in.

What’s something about you that sounds made up is 100% true?

Before starting my career in communications and marketing, I worked as a Probation Officer. It was a short stint after I completed my Psychology Undergraduate Degree, but to this day the things I learned in the role are still applicable – personal fortitude, empathy, understanding, and the power of active listening to connect with people are all things I continue to practice in my day-to-day.


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