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Juanita Onochie, VP Professional Development & Events


Juanita has built a career in a variety of roles and industries with a focus on internal engagement, employee relations and events. She is strongly committed to finding the best communications tools to foster connections within any organization she’s connected with – because she understands it’s not enough to simply say you care, your actions have to also be reflective. Juanita’s keen attention to detail and dedication to efficient service aids her experience in building web-based communication products, training facilitations, and planning medium to large scale events.


An alumna of the American University of Nigeria, Centennial College, and Mount Saint Vincent University, Juanita is Member Services Coordinator at CPA Nova Scotia.


She is passionate about giving back to the community and contributing to conversations about diversity practices. Juanita is thrilled to be a part of this years’ IABC Maritime board and looking forward to making more connections within the communications community.

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